Overcoming the Engineering Mindset

Innovation is perceived risk. No matter if the innovation has already been implemented elsewhere, if your engineers aren’t familiar, you’ll hear all the ways the idea won’t work. I believe they may just fear they don’t know how to “engineer” it. With more exposure and pressure from all groups and walks of life to come up with better or more efficient ways to use energy, transport people and cargo, and make clean water, engineers will have no choice but to embrace the idea of innovation and let go of the warm and soft blanket that is replication.

2019 Goals: How You and CHP Might Be Similar

As 2018 rings to a close, you’re probably thinking of New Year’s resolutions. Some of our personal goals, probably some of yours too, relate nicely to Combined Heat and Power systems. 

Goal 1 – Eat Better

Food is fuel. The better we eat, the better we feel and perform. We become more efficient. In a similar fashion, CHP systems also use fuel efficiently. CHP is more efficient at turning one unit of fuel into useful energy than the traditional separate heat and power arrangement, i.e. electricity from the grid and natural gas in a boiler. 

Goal 2 – Exercise More

If you’re anything like me, you’d also like to get fit after the holidays. I relate this to upgrading your infrastructure and building controls. Today’s CHP equipment have sophisticated controls that allow you to do more with less. Gone are the days where you need specific personnel to run CHP equipment. Remote monitoring, automatic notifications, and dial-in controls allow you to lean on the experts. 

Goal 3 – Waste Less

This is an easy one. Since CHP systems are better at turning a unit of fuel into useful energy, less energy is wasted. Our resources are precious, so let’s use them wisely... 

Goal 4 – Save Money

Who doesn’t want more money in their pocket in 2019? CHP Systems help businesses spend less on utilities. The improvement in efficiency and the reduction of wasted energy equals less money spent on utilities and more money to spend on other business ideas.

Doug Edgar

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When Can I Get One at my House?

At White Harvest Energy, we love modular combined heat and power (CHP).  We encourage and work in lots of forms of advanced energy, but the conditions right now are perfect for CHP.  However, what we have found is that we have to start our conversations with an education process to explain what modular CHP is and why it is a good thing.