We provide valuable energy related services and insights to the following customer base:



Energy Supplier

For utilities, distributors and independent power producers we help incorporate the most pressing and beneficial new energy efficiency technologies.  We will work as part of your staff, in a joint venture, or we will develop the technologies on your behalf.  We help you navigate the perceived risks involved in adopting new technology and approaches.

Energy Consumer

For energy users, we use our knowledge of available systems to select the best fitting energy efficiency technology. We use that knowledge and technology to reduce your energy costs.  We also work with your current energy supplier to encourage them to help you install that technology in a mutually beneficial manner.

Equipment Supplier

For energy equipment providers, we provide a platform to showcase your products to  entities that have large purchasing power.  This approach presents one customer with the potential for multiple sales, versus approaching many customers for the potential for one sale.  Please be advised that we only offer fully developed and proven technology to our customers.  (Pilot programs can be discussed.)

Service Provider

For engineers and energy service providers, we provide additional expertise in the energy field to compliment your current services.  We come along side you to increase the value you provide your customers.  We can help you with the end user or the utility - and we specialize in finding a win-win solution for both entities.