At White Harvest Energy, we approach each engagement with our customers in the same way; by exploring every possibility to create a benefit for all involved.

We know there are many competing interests between rate payers, regulators, environmental agencies, and equipment providers.  We are also aware that these factors barely begin to scratch the surface of many power companies’ concerns. When we develop a solution offers a benefit to everyone, we have more engagement and more effort from all parties to make the solution work. Successful collaboration is the situation we seek to create each time we are hired. We ask, “How can we generate the most benefit and get all stakeholders on board to bring about the biggest impact?”

We use the following basic framework to evaluate each situation:


Your Company Assets

Unique Company Strengths and Assets

What assets does the company possess and how does it currently serve its customers?  What are its competitive advantages?  Where should your main focus be applied? 


Best Technology
and Best Practices

Of all the power related technology available, which offers the best fit with the company?    What fits within their geography, service territory, etc.?How should that technology be applied and how does it fit within your main focus area?


Adjacent Markets And Strategic Partnerships

Are there opportunities to expand into new markets with minimal investment?  Are there areas where current strengths may be applied in a new and different way to add value?


Direct and Indirect Competitors

What attracts a customer to a direct or indirect competitor?  What do they offer that you currently do not?