White Harvest Energy: Delivering innovative energy solutions to create a more powerful future



Our core purpose is to help energy companies and energy customers deploy the best new energy efficiency and distributed generation technologies in order to better serve their customers, their communities, and their bottom-line.  Our belief is that the best technologies are those that benefit everyone, therefore we strive to create scenarios that generate the most beneficiaries.  

We want to help our clients adapt to a changing market by incorporating the best technologies available in the marketplace.  We look for applications ready for implementation that provide the most benefit to the most stakeholders.  We know that when multiple groups benefit, we have more engagement.  

To accomplish this goal, we focus on alternative energy solutions such as the development of combined heat and power applications, renewables, battery storage, and other energy efficiency technologies. 


Key Services


    Project Development – Our specialty is showing energy companies and energy customers the easiest ways to deploy energy efficiency and distributed generation alongside their assets.

    • Conceptual Studies, Analyses, and Planning
    • Feasibility and Optimization Studies
    • Energy Modeling including Thermal and Electrical Efficiency
    • Emissions Impact Studies
    • Financial and Economic Analyses
    • Project and Construction Management
    • Engineering Liaison
    • Owner’s Engineering

    Packaged CHP Equipment Supplier – we are an authorized distributor for 2G Energy, Inc. for the Southeastern United States. 

    • All-inclusive customizable engine-based CHP package
    • Fully factory tested in St. Augustine, FL
    • Project Management Support during construction and installation
    • Commissioning, Testing, and Startup Support
    • Operations and Maintenance Support
    Icon_Maintenance 2.jpg

    Operations & Maintenance – we offer customers a full suite of operation and maintenance support. We help customers take a fully-hands off approach to O&M or we can train customers to self-perform O&M or anything in between. 

    • Parts and Labor for Maintenance Activities
    • O&M Training
    • Remote Monitoring Capability
    • Dashboards for Financial and Technical KPIs

    Consulting services – we show customers what is possible now given the technologies that are already available.

    • Resource and Strategic Planning
    • Due Diligence Advisory Support
    •  Financial Modeling
    •  Risk Analysis
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Management Team

    Our company was formed by entrepreneurs and executives from multinational companies and utilities and is comprised of a collection of experienced engineers and partners with a vast knowledge of project management and project execution.  Our engineers have a diverse educational background including degrees in civil, structural, mechanical, and mining engineering, as well as advanced degrees in business strategy and engineering management. Our management team members are:

    Ben Edgar,  President and Founder

    Ben Edgar, President and Founder

    Doug Edgar  ,  Vice President, Operations

    Doug Edgar, Vice President, Operations



    Chattanooga, TN – 423-580-1771

    Dallas, TX – 972-863-2317 


    Affiliations and certificates

    Licensed professional engineers 

    Member of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council

    Member of the EPA's Combined Heat and Power Partnership

    Certified as a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned Business by the State of Tennessee

    Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Certification in other jurisdictions can be sought depending on the need.